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The future belongs to those who embrace digital transformation

At Digital Fusion Consulting, we help business leaders adapt to the changing market by providing a clear strategy for growth and increased efficiency by leveraging the latest technologies.

How We Help

Grow Your Revenue

Optimize proposals and quotations to maximize sales conversions and profitability.

Expand Your Market

Acquire new customers and explore untapped markets with strategic marketing and outreach.

Streamline Operations

Identify and eliminate bottlenecks to enhance efficiency across all business processes.

Automate for Efficiency

Implement automation to handle repetitive tasks, saving time and reducing errors.

Go Paperless

Transition to digital processes to reduce waste and improve organizational agility.

Leverage Data Analytics

Make informed decisions with advanced analytics and actionable insights from your data.

Accelerate Cash Flow

Improve your accounts receivable processes to expedite payments and improve cash flow.

Enhance Talent Management

Streamline hiring, onboarding, training, and retention strategies to build a robust workforce.

Our Industry Footprint

Transform your business and do more with less. We help business owners adopt new technology to improve productivity in the following professions:

Meet The Team

Our team combines diverse expertise and a unified goal: to empower your business with tailored, impactful solutions.


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Projects Completed


Productivity Growth On Average

Leading with Experience

As a Consulting Practice Leader, I focus on helping businesses leverage technology to make an impact in their business.  I enjoy working with entrepreneurs to achieve breakthroughs in their market marketplace and their internal company operations.

I have a background in Engineering from the University of Toronto and have held senior Business and consulting roles with IBM.  My entrepreneurial experiences help me relate to my clients – as I understand the dedication and focus required to build a high-performing team and business.  We focus on making an impact on your business and providing value and advice.

Asim Khan, P.Eng

Practice Leader | Digital Fusion Consulting Inc.

Scaling Your Sales & Marketing With Automation Tools

As a serial entrepreneur and top voice on Linkedin, I bring my bootstrapping experience to all aspects of B2B sales and marketing. The heartbeat of any business is visibility and reaching your target market, and I make sure that you find sustainable ways to do that. Whether it’s finding the right tools, agency, or your brand voice, I can help clarify your message and get your product or service in front of your ideal buyers.

Laura has helped over 50 startups and entrepreneurs to up their game in terms of market penetration and brand recognition. She leverages AI and automation tools wherever possible so you can do more with less and not have to rely on expensive SEO campaigns.

Laura Scarlett Martin, BSc

Marketing Director & AI Evangelist |
Digital Fusion Consulting Inc.

The Impact of Our Digital Transformation Services

Clear Digital Adoption Strategy

We can help you develop a clear digital adoption strategy that aligns with your business goals and objectives.

They can help you identify the right technologies and tools to implement and provide guidance on how to integrate them into your existing systems.

Access to Funding

You can access funding through our partnerships to implement your digital adoption strategy.

We help you identify potential funding sources such as grants, loans, or venture capital, and provide guidance on how to apply for them.

Improved Efficiency

Streamline your business processes and improve efficiency and productivity by identifying areas where technology can be used to automate tasks and reduce costs.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Improve your customer experience by implementing digital solutions that make it easier for customers to interact with your business.

For example, implementing customer portals and automatically generating quotes and invoices for them to place orders or make payments.

Increased competitiveness

We’ll get you up-to-date with the latest digital trends and technologies.

Our expertise will help to identify new opportunities for growth and a roadmap to take advantage of them.

Client Success Stories

I have had the privilege of working with Asim as part of the CDAP program and he has been fantastic to work with. Asim’s dedication and passion for helping businesses succeed in the digital landscape, is amazing. His vast wealth of knowledge and remarkable communication skills, has made the entire process a breeze, navigating flawlessly from one session to another. I highly recommend Asim for any business looking to strengthen their digital aptitude. I am confident that he will positively impact any organization fortunate enough to have him on board.

Edward Vestag

Asim and the team made were able to gain insight into my business and help transform our entire workflow and processes with a digital adoption strategy. The entire experience set us up to scale and be competitive in a crowded market, saved us massive amounts of time and close more deals.

Oscar Dada

Are You Ready to Thrive in the Digital Era? Let’s Talk.

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